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Viscometer Main Application

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Viscometer Main Application

In practical engineering and industrial production, it is often necessary to detect the viscosity of the fluid online in order to ensure the best process operating environment and product quality, thereby improving production efficiency. By measuring the viscosity of the liquid in the online process, the rheological behavior data of the liquid can be obtained, which has important guiding value for predicting the process control of the product process, the transportability, and the operability of the product in use. 

The properties of the liquid are often related to other properties of the product such as color, density, stability, solid content, and molecular weight. The most convenient and sensitive method for detecting these properties is the on-line detection of the viscosity of the liquid. The range of process technology requirements for on-line viscosity testing can minimize the product's scrap rate and production line downtime.

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