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    • Spectrophotometer Cost
      Spectrophotometer Cost

      Visible Spectrophotometer with 6 nm Bandwidth 350 nm to 1000 nm Wavelength Range and LED Digital Display 1. Introduction of the Visible Spectrophotometer The ME-711 / ME-722 visible spectrophotometer is a economical...

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    • Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
      Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

      Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with PC Software for Trace Analysis and Biochemistry 1. Introduction of the Fluorescence Spectrometer The ME-F96PRO fluorescence spectrometer provide information including excitation...

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    • Automic Absorption Spectrophotometer
      Automic Absorption Spectrophotometer

      The ME-AA1800F Automatic Flame Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer is a high technical instrument, its good stable system and high performance earn many good feedback from customers. Its big feature is with 3...

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