• Handheld Mineral Ore XRF Spectrometer

      Handheld Mineral Ore XRF Spectrometer

      Handheld XRF Spectrometer with USB Interface and SDD Detector for Gold Miner 1. Introduction of the Handheld XRF Spectrometer The ME-GENIUS7000 Hand held XRF Spectrometer , which can be held in hands by common people...

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    • LCD Display Automatic Flame Spectrometer

      LCD Display Automatic Flame Spectrometer

      LCD Display Flame Spectrometer with 5 Elements and with PC Software or Micro Printer 1. Introduction of the Flame Photometer with 5 Elements The ME-AP Series flame photometers include 6 models, the difference between...

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    • FT IR Spectrometer

      FT IR Spectrometer

      Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Table FTIR Machine Professional and Automatic for LAB 1. Introduction of the High Quality FTIR The ME-WQF510A FT IR Spectrophotometers, which is Fully sealed damp and dust...

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    • Automic Absorption Spectrophotometer

      Automic Absorption Spectrophotometer

      The ME-AA1800F Automatic Flame Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer is a high technical instrument, its good stable system and high performance earn many good feedback from customers. Its big feature is with 3...

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    • Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

      Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

      Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with PC Software for Trace Analysis and Biochemistry 1. Introduction of the Fluorescence Spectrometer The ME-F96PRO fluorescence spectrometer provide information including excitation...

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    • Portable Colorimeter For Solution

      Portable Colorimeter For Solution

      The portable microcomputer colorimeter uses photoelectric colorimetric principle to test the chroma of aqueous solution. The instrument is calibrated with the standard solution of platinum cobalt standard specified...

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    • Tabletop VIS Spectrometer

      Tabletop VIS Spectrometer

      The VIS Spectrophotometer has become a routine instrument in modern molecular biology laboratory. Commonly used in nucleic acids, protein quantification, and bacterial growth concentration quantification. The VIS...

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